Lori CornmesserA recent article has announced  that Ixia Communications has made breakthrough in mobile technology.  Using their new WaveDevice technology, the company has proved themselves to be the world-wide leaders in the communication world, as this technology has made Wi-Fi a more easily and readily accessible for mobile devices, despite the almost constant usage that they are typically under.

As mobile technology has grown, so has the need for access to Wi-Fi.  In today’s day and age, it is not just individuals who are looking for better Wi-Fi access, say, on their train ride to work, for example.  Businesses are more heavily depending on Wi-Fi access, such as hospitals, which may utilize it for life-critical services and communications, as well as other business that heavily rely on communication and any faltering in that aspect of their business can be extremely detrimental.

The constant movement of daily life has called for a need for a more expansive network of connectivity.  Needs are surpassing the originally intended capabilities of mobile devices.

With Ixia’s new product, WaveDevice, manufacturers of mobile products are able to provide a more solid assurance that newer mobile products will be successful in accessing and maintaining a strong Wi-Fi connection prior to completion of the product.  Manufacturers will be able to increase the time of production, as they will be able to more easily pinpoint and improve the functionality of the device.  Similarly, they will also be able to test the device’s performance abilities in a number of Wi-Fi access point locations. The technology will enable manufacturers to test devices in simulations of live networks and situations that may arise such as roaming, device interference and proximity issues when other Wi-Fi devices are around.

The introduction of this technology has the potential to make huge improvements to our capabilities- in terms of business, communication, information access and storage, and much more.  It will be exciting to see where this new technology takes society as time goes on.