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New Book Urges Business Leaders to Address Blind Spots

Lori CornmesserLeadership in business often means having to grasp the big picture without necessarily being able to see the whole thing. And as startup mentor Marty Zwilling explains in his article on the Huffington Post blog, identifying one’s blind spots is key.

Zwilling discusses the book “Leadership Blindspots” by Robert Bruce Shaw, and points out that every business leader has blind spots that hinder their success. What’s more, it’s the ability and willingness to accept and address these limitations that can make or break most business leaders.

Part of the balancing act of being an effective leader is having enough confidence to push forward your ideas, while maintaining enough humility to acknowledge your weaknesses. Confidence and humility are two qualities that would seem to be at odds with one another and yet, both are essential for maintaining an intellectually honest assessment of the circumstances at play in a business setting.

Of course, acknowledging the need for a healthy balance of self-confidence and self-doubt is not the same as actually maintaining that balance. There are a few techniques from Shaw’s book to surface information that might be otherwise obscured from the view of individuals in leadership positions.

Some of these techniques may seem fairly obvious: favoring open-ended questions over those with a “yes/no” answer; being careful not to steer the conversation to confirm your own assumptions; and making sure to not accept evasive answers. Other suggestions are more novel, such as: paraphrasing and, in some cases, intentionally mis-paraphrasing what you’re hearing from others. This will force those around you to go into greater detail to expound on their point and may reveal specifics that might otherwise have been glossed over.

Part of being an effective leader is being a strong judge of character, and that includes one’s own. Taking into account personal strengths and weaknesses can help to limit the adverse effects of leadership blindspots.

Head over to the HuffPo blog, blog for the full list of leadership recommendations.

Sales Tips to Improve Your Success


  1. Build Business Relationships: Don’t just think of how to sell your product, think of how to continue selling your product. Think of your work and relationships outlasting your job.

  2. Rely on Your Established Customers: Customers you’ve already created a relationship and who trust you can be a great gateway to more customers. Continue to build your relationship even with established customers so they can be used in this way.

  3. Understand the Needs of the Customer: Each customer will have a different type of demanded value. It is your responsibility to understand this and make your work about achieving the value the customer wants.

  4. Under-promise and Over-deliver: People are quick to blame if you do not live up to expectation or to what you guaranteed. If you promise less and you surpass what is expected of you, the customer will not be disappointed but rather impressed with your work.

  5. Time Management: Never keep a client waiting! It will leave a sour taste in the client’s mouth. Time management will help you reduce your stress levels as well, so it’s a win-win.

  6. Invest in Relationships: Every relationship you have is important in sales. Whether the client is established, prospective, or even in a different field, he/she should be treated like a vital piece of your sale.

  7. Always Look for Better Ways to Service Clients: Books, trainings, seminars, and the Internet are great places to start researching how to do this.

  8. Believe in Your Product: If you don’t believe in your product, then no one else will. Study your product so you know every little detail.

  9. Take Prompt Action: Being able to achieve more in little time makes you stand out.

  10. Work with a Mentor: Working with a respectable figure will help you to acquire the principles and strategies required to succeed.

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