Lori Cornmesser is dedicated to her professional life and the growth/development of her career.  Lori Cornmesser spent 11 of her 18 years of experience in the channel working at Juniper Networks.  At Juniper, Lori contributed greatly to the expansion and success of Juniper.

While Juniper Networks benefited greatly from the devotion of Lori Cornmesser, she benefited tremendously from working there as well.  In investing her time to this company, Lori Cornmesser came away from Juniper with unparalleled leadership skills, understanding of the channel and extensive experience.  It was this experience with Juniper that made Lori Cornmesser the ideal candidate for her current position as the Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Ixia Communications, which is a completely new role within Ixia.  Thus, Lori Cornmesser is the first individual to ever assume this role.  Ixia needed someone talented, competent and well-learned within the channel to take on this position which, undoubtedly, requires a talented individual.

The outstanding career accomplishments of Lori Cornmesser are by no means the extent of her boundaries.  Outside of her career, Lori Cornmesser is the President of the Silicon Valley Diversity Council, as well as serves as a mentor for Outside Counsel and is on the board of Channel Vanguard. Lori Cornmesser is a proud mother of two children, Mateo and Sofia.  To learn more about Lori Cornmesser, her life outside of the office and her involvement in organizations, feel free to peruse the links below.  Thank you & Enjoy!

Lori Cornmesser works at Ixia Communications in California.