Sales as a carer is intensely involved with emotion buy-in and volatility.

By working in sales as a profession, there are requirements for you to fight with,e dune and enjoy a crazy and constantly changing environment as well as emotional roller coaster of a career. Dealing with rash emotions throughout any given day is expected.

Lori Cornmesser

The frustration of disappointment during a sales day cans ingle handedly ruin your mood and your day. The negative feelings, disappointment, and frustration are the prime suspect killers of your business and productivity.

Learning to avoid, counteract, and balance the times when negative emotions arise could not only help your sales performance, but allow you to maintain a positive outlook to gain possible leads.

Here are four tips to stay in tune with your mood and help fight off discouragement to get back to keeping positive sales momentum:

Change Your Expectations.
This is very important because expectations, especially high expectations, that correlate with volatility and instability within sales situations are a recipe for disaster.

The Magic Number Rule.
The rule states that a prospect will take a certain pre-determined amount of attempts before actual contact. The trick is that you do not know what the number is until you reach it. Just remember, don’t let them control your state.

Play the Odds.
Once you finally get in touch with the prospect you’ve been pursuing for months, you must deliver your best offer to get an appointment or a quote to them. Say the prospect gives an abrupt “No.” A a sales professional you should know the most effected responses to common objections. At the end of the day, you do your own part and if you execute it and the prospect doesn’t like it, move on. Someone else is ready.

Make Your Goals Activity-Based.
If you are focused on and taking action with he right behaviors, the sales results will soon follow. If you are consistently taking action not he most important aspects of your sales process, good results should come.

This shows why goals should be centered on results and actives that you are able to accomplish and not the responses of your prospects, necessarily.

Keeping goals on your activity puts emphasis and pressure on your ability to work towards an end that you have control over and as long as you are participating all the right activities, the results always follow in suit.