Lori Cornmesser Sales VP

High-tech sales often comprises both intangible and complex sales. Many solutions are invisible as they run in the background and most people do not know that they even exist.

Stating that someone is associated within the high-tech sector or industry is an ambiguous statement in this time, as most organizations use technology for all most all business operations. Everything from engineering solutions, cars, phones, and legal services use technology as vital part of their work. You may not consider yourself to directly be “in technology”, but if you are in sales, you ay be selling solutions that involve technological services or programs at some point in time.

There are different types of people involved in the procurement of high-tech solutions and systems. If you were selling Customer Relations management software to a client, certain buyers may be involved in the decision making process to evaluate the necessity. Such positions include: The CEO, Finance/accounting, sales staff, VP of Sales, training department, and the IT department.

It is important to know how to explain the product to each position and level in terms that will appeal most to them in terms of how they will directly use and benefit from said high-tech solution. Communication is key as always, but it is important to do your homework in regards to knowing who you will be speaking with.

Most sales team members are comfortable communicating with one or two of these types of groups. The best salespeople have a strategy to address the needs of each type of group, which is unique and directly applicable to each buyer. Remember, you are selling to multiple buyers and creative communication is imperative as everyone must see the upside of the product.

Having an understanding of the market and niche is absolutely critical. Learning about any unique circumstances, competition, and business processes of the target marked is very important. This research and preparation better equips salespeople to address all the needs of the market as a whole.

It is also important to know all the applications and limitations of your product or solution. This requires spending time with the engineers to get the ins and outs of exactly what your product can offer. Being prepared to answer tough questions in a positive, constructive way is crucial to success.

Other things to think about are problem solving, consulting, and project planning skills. You are your own manager and team member; many large high-tech sales deal will need many people on their teams to help close a sale. Once the deal has been made, a need to continue monitoring the interaction is needed to ensure that the promises made are being carried out. This is the secret to being a great salesperson: it is not a one-stop shop. You are creating a conversation; an invitation for the buyers to return as a client or as a friend. Networking is a solid best practice within high-tech product sales.