Lori Cornmesser

Successful Sales Calls

For anyone who works in sales, you know that the more people you can connect with in terms of trying to sell your product, the better.  While it is important to try to reach as many people as possible when selling, it also important that the connections you make be quality connections, so that you can get the response that you are looking for.  A recent article details some of the key points for having successful sales calls, which are also outlined below.

1. Draw the client in quickly–  A sales person has 15 seconds or less to capture the attention of the individual they are calling in order to keep their interest so that they can continue their sales pitch.  It is important to get the attention of the client right away before they lose interest and think you are just another telemarketer.  Make those first 15 seconds count!

2. Get the Client excited- When selling, you must maintain the mindset that the product you are selling has the potential to positively impact the life of the individual you are calling, and that you are contributing to their quality of life in extending the opportunity for them to invest in said product.  Show your enthusiasm, but do not overdo it.  Be confident in your product and what you are selling; if you truly believe in your product that will become apparent to the potential client and draw them in further.

3. Imitation Helps- When you are speaking to someone, try to speak with the same volume, tone and  speed as the individual you are talking to. When people feel like they are dealing with someone who is similar to them, they are generally more interested in talking with that person.  While not completely impersonating the individual, using a similar vernacular and speech can be extremely helpful.

4. Say the Client’s Name-  Studies have shown that people are most responsive to their own name.  Try to use their name roughly 3 times within a call. It generates a sort of familiarity between yourself and the client, making the salesperson more relatable, thus someone they are more likely to listen to.

These are just a few sales tips that are generally known to improve success when making sales calls.  To learn more helpful sales tips, check out the above article.