In today’s wired- in world, we are constantly streaming videos, downloading new apps, streaming music and so on, the technology that we use to network and as platforms for our technology needs to thus increase in size and functionality speed and effectiveness in order to guarantee that the product remains reliable and useful,  thus remaining desirable, for the consumer.  For this to happen, large companies, service providers and product manufacturing companies need viable methods for trying out newer versions of technologies on the networks they are associated with while still maintaining low costs.

New technology created by Ixia Communications, called Xcellon-Multis, is the top solution in the business for testing and legitimizing existing networks for increased traffic and usage, across 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE speeds.  Not only will they be faster and more functional, but they will leave a much smaller footprint and lower the costs of operating these networks.

This Xcellon-Multis technology is state-of-the-art technology that will be able to review and secure extremely large networks that have numerous ports in order to sustain the rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements that are occurring due to an overall increase in the internet usage and traffic society at large is generating.  This technology is extremely valuable to the operators of data centers, as well as producers of equipment.  Xcellon-Multis not only increases the bandwidth of hundreds of ports, but also adding, “fan-out functionality,” which lowers the cost and amount of necessary machinery for expanding the density ability and for support for testing.  The technology also is the highest port density available in the technology industry, thanks to their novel 12x40GbE and 6x40GbE native QSFP variants, which gives their consumers the ability to evaluate and secure technologies utilized in networking.

With bandwidth demands climbing each day, the Xcellon-Multis technology is a needed solution for this problem. Ixia’s technology is enabling our technology-oriented society to continue to grow and expand at its natural rate.  According to Charles Seifert, the Senior Product Manager at Ixia Communications, “Ixia is driven to provide our customers with innovative solutions that enable the fast and reliable delivery of networking technologies.”  This Xcellon-Multis technology aligns with this overall goal and enables Ixia to continue to provide for their customers.

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