Lori CornmesserLori Cornmesser has previously served as the Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Ixia Communications before parting ways to pursue other ventures.

With over 25 years’ experience in sales, business development, and marketing for the Channel, Lori has developed as a passionate, results-oriented executive. Over the years, she’s honed several specialities that include recruitment, development, and management for the Channel, the strategizing and execution of business development, and her ability to craft strategic partnerships and alliances.

Her commitment and contribution to the Channel lead to her being named as a CRN 2017 Channel Chief and earned her recognition by CRN Magazine as a Top Woman in the Channel each year from 2009-2017. In 2011 Lori was awarded with the title of 2011 Women Worth Watching, and in June of 2014, Lori Cornmesser was the proud recipient of the Diversity First Leadership Award. She also claimed a coveted spot on the Power 100 list in 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Prior to this position, Lori Cornmesser had been with Juniper networks for the past 11 years, gaining invaluable experience and contributing to the growth and development of the company. This role within Ixia is a completely novel role, making Lori the first ever to take on this position.  However, her years of experience and resulting success make her the ideal person to take on this challenge. During her time at Juniper, Lori Cornmesser began as the head of global managed services and service provider alliance partnerships. She excelled greatly in this role, exemplifying herself as a valuable asset to the company.  Her obvious talent within the role soon gave way to her promotion to the Vice President of Service Provider Alliance Sales.  This position was nothing Lori Cornmesser couldn’t conquer, and she later was appointed Senior Director of Worldwide Partner Development for Juniper.

Lori Cornmesser was dedicated to facilitating the development and expansion of Juniper as a company for 11 years. Thus, Lori was not actively seeking out a position within another company, especially one that would be in competition with a company in which she had invested so much time and energy.  Joining the Ixia team was not exactly her plan, but when the opportunity presented itself, Lori recognized it as an intelligent, strategic career move for her, and the opportunity was for a position that fulfilled the criteria she had set for herself if she ever were to change companies.  Thus, Lori Cornmesser took the leap, and joined the team at Ixia Communications.

Having earned years of experience at Juniper, Lori Cornmesser was equipped with all of the necessary tools and skills in order to take the reigns in her new role at Ixia.  Lori Cornmesser comes to the position with new ideas to increase efficiency and success within the company.  She intends to implement a more professionalized partner program, incorporating the approximate 100 global partners of Ixia.  This program launch will occur in the near future and will enable Ixia partners to distinguish and to better display their areas expertise within the market.  Lori Cornmesser’s plan for this new program includes a more sophisticated method of organization of the vast pool of Ixia partners.  It will group partners into categories dictated by their level of sales dedication and diligence to Ixia.  New technology will be utilized in the categorization of these partners, to ensure that these groupings are accurate.

The new program will also integrate Ixia’s group of partners with that of Anue Systems and BreakingPoint Systems, which are two companies that were Ixia acquired within the last year.  Cornmesser sees this as an important component of the program, as it will allow Ixia’s partners to maintain an increased level of security within the network as well as a greater visibility between one another.

Having entered Ixia with experience, knowledge, and a detailed business plan that is prepared to be set into motion, Lori Cornmesser took Ixia Communications to a new heights and expanded the company for the better.  Ixia had been steadily growing in recent years, and with Lori in her prior position, the rapid growth rate only continued.

Lori Cornmesser was also named President of the Board for the Women’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI), and has previously served as the President of the Silicon Valley Diversity Council. Here she worked with Silicon Valley-based companies to help craft, implement, and sustain an integrated approach to organizational transformation to optimize diversity and inclusion.

Lori is a loving mother of two children and holds a MBA from Columbus University.