4 Sales Strategies That Challenge The Old Paradigm

Lori CornmesserIn his weekly article for The Business Journals, Simon T. Bailey, CEO of the Brilliance Institute and former sales director of the Disney Institute, outlines sales strategies that focus on the culture of sales. Bailey feels that a sales approach focused on simply “convincing people to buy” is a remnant of an outmoded paradigm. His vision for a modern sales approach is what one might call a “sales lifestyle,” which shifts focus from products and services onto the people and organizations that use them.

Connect with buyers by addressing their needs.

According to Bailey, sales is and will continue to be the driving force behind most business. What is changing is what drives buyers to buy, and adapting to that shift will be what makes enterprises profitable. First, Bailey feels that sales professionals must identify the problems that trigger a buyers need, and then orient their products and services to address those problems. In the old model of sales, simply pushing products was the modus operandi. But the modern buyer has choices and the means to explore them, so repositioning products to address client need is essential for connecting with potential buyers.

Identify opportunities and showcase possibilities.

Second, the article emphasizes surfacing potential opportunities. This involves a management approach that focuses less on articulating the benefits of the product to the client, and more on posing probing questions to determine the full depths of a buyer’s issues. Bailey says that often times buyers have only a tenuous grasp of the full scope of their needs. Salespeople need to ask in-depth questions and take advantage of the possibilities that may be unearthed by them.

Go above and beyond in customer service.

Third, sales is customer service. In Bailey’s vision, gone are the days when the sale was closed and the client became the problem of the customer service department. The modern client expects the sales representative to be their liaison to the company. A seamless, integrated sales/customer service strategy will increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately revenues.

Live to sell by promoting your team’s personal brands.

Finally, Bailey recommends that business and sales leaders instill in their teams what he calls a “live-to-sell” approach. This involves building personal brands within a larger sales team. Individuals who market themselves in turn market the company and its products and services. If done correctly, this approach can open up previously blocked opportunities for growth.

Sales Tips to Improve Your Success


  1. Build Business Relationships: Don’t just think of how to sell your product, think of how to continue selling your product. Think of your work and relationships outlasting your job.

  2. Rely on Your Established Customers: Customers you’ve already created a relationship and who trust you can be a great gateway to more customers. Continue to build your relationship even with established customers so they can be used in this way.

  3. Understand the Needs of the Customer: Each customer will have a different type of demanded value. It is your responsibility to understand this and make your work about achieving the value the customer wants.

  4. Under-promise and Over-deliver: People are quick to blame if you do not live up to expectation or to what you guaranteed. If you promise less and you surpass what is expected of you, the customer will not be disappointed but rather impressed with your work.

  5. Time Management: Never keep a client waiting! It will leave a sour taste in the client’s mouth. Time management will help you reduce your stress levels as well, so it’s a win-win.

  6. Invest in Relationships: Every relationship you have is important in sales. Whether the client is established, prospective, or even in a different field, he/she should be treated like a vital piece of your sale.

  7. Always Look for Better Ways to Service Clients: Books, trainings, seminars, and the Internet are great places to start researching how to do this.

  8. Believe in Your Product: If you don’t believe in your product, then no one else will. Study your product so you know every little detail.

  9. Take Prompt Action: Being able to achieve more in little time makes you stand out.

  10. Work with a Mentor: Working with a respectable figure will help you to acquire the principles and strategies required to succeed.

To learn more about improving your sales skills and tactics, check out this article.  Thank you!

Tips for Successful Sales Calls

Lori Cornmesser

For anyone who works in sales, you know that the more people you can connect with in terms of trying to sell your product, the better.  While it is important to try to reach as many people as possible when selling, it also important that the connections you make be quality connections, so that you can get the response that you are looking for.  A recent article details some of the key points for having successful sales calls, which are also outlined below.

1. Draw the client in quickly–  A sales person has 15 seconds or less to capture the attention of the individual they are calling in order to keep their interest so that they can continue their sales pitch.  It is important to get the attention of the client right away before they lose interest and think you are just another telemarketer.  Make those first 15 seconds count!

2. Get the Client excited- When selling, you must maintain the mindset that the product you are selling has the potential to positively impact the life of the individual you are calling, and that you are contributing to their quality of life in extending the opportunity for them to invest in said product.  Show your enthusiasm, but do not overdo it.  Be confident in your product and what you are selling; if you truly believe in your product that will become apparent to the potential client and draw them in further.

3. Imitation Helps- When you are speaking to someone, try to speak with the same volume, tone and  speed as the individual you are talking to. When people feel like they are dealing with someone who is similar to them, they are generally more interested in talking with that person.  While not completely impersonating the individual, using a similar vernacular and speech can be extremely helpful.

4. Say the Client’s Name-  Studies have shown that people are most responsive to their own name.  Try to use their name roughly 3 times within a call. It generates a sort of familiarity between yourself and the client, making the salesperson more relatable, thus someone they are more likely to listen to.

These are just a few sales tips that are generally known to improve success when making sales calls.  To learn more helpful sales tips, check out the above article.

Ixia Technology Keeping up with Increasing Internet Demands

In today’s wired- in world, we are constantly streaming videos, downloading new apps, streaming music and so on, the technology that we use to network and as platforms for our technology needs to thus increase in size and functionality speed and effectiveness in order to guarantee that the product remains reliable and useful,  thus remaining desirable, for the consumer.  For this to happen, large companies, service providers and product manufacturing companies need viable methods for trying out newer versions of technologies on the networks they are associated with while still maintaining low costs.

New technology created by Ixia Communications, called Xcellon-Multis, is the top solution in the business for testing and legitimizing existing networks for increased traffic and usage, across 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE speeds.  Not only will they be faster and more functional, but they will leave a much smaller footprint and lower the costs of operating these networks.

This Xcellon-Multis technology is state-of-the-art technology that will be able to review and secure extremely large networks that have numerous ports in order to sustain the rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements that are occurring due to an overall increase in the internet usage and traffic society at large is generating.  This technology is extremely valuable to the operators of data centers, as well as producers of equipment.  Xcellon-Multis not only increases the bandwidth of hundreds of ports, but also adding, “fan-out functionality,” which lowers the cost and amount of necessary machinery for expanding the density ability and for support for testing.  The technology also is the highest port density available in the technology industry, thanks to their novel 12x40GbE and 6x40GbE native QSFP variants, which gives their consumers the ability to evaluate and secure technologies utilized in networking.

With bandwidth demands climbing each day, the Xcellon-Multis technology is a needed solution for this problem. Ixia’s technology is enabling our technology-oriented society to continue to grow and expand at its natural rate.  According to Charles Seifert, the Senior Product Manager at Ixia Communications, “Ixia is driven to provide our customers with innovative solutions that enable the fast and reliable delivery of networking technologies.”  This Xcellon-Multis technology aligns with this overall goal and enables Ixia to continue to provide for their customers.

To learn more about this incredible new technology, check out this article.

Easy-Access Wi-Fi from Ixia

Lori CornmesserA recent article has announced  that Ixia Communications has made breakthrough in mobile technology.  Using their new WaveDevice technology, the company has proved themselves to be the world-wide leaders in the communication world, as this technology has made Wi-Fi a more easily and readily accessible for mobile devices, despite the almost constant usage that they are typically under.

As mobile technology has grown, so has the need for access to Wi-Fi.  In today’s day and age, it is not just individuals who are looking for better Wi-Fi access, say, on their train ride to work, for example.  Businesses are more heavily depending on Wi-Fi access, such as hospitals, which may utilize it for life-critical services and communications, as well as other business that heavily rely on communication and any faltering in that aspect of their business can be extremely detrimental.

The constant movement of daily life has called for a need for a more expansive network of connectivity.  Needs are surpassing the originally intended capabilities of mobile devices.

With Ixia’s new product, WaveDevice, manufacturers of mobile products are able to provide a more solid assurance that newer mobile products will be successful in accessing and maintaining a strong Wi-Fi connection prior to completion of the product.  Manufacturers will be able to increase the time of production, as they will be able to more easily pinpoint and improve the functionality of the device.  Similarly, they will also be able to test the device’s performance abilities in a number of Wi-Fi access point locations. The technology will enable manufacturers to test devices in simulations of live networks and situations that may arise such as roaming, device interference and proximity issues when other Wi-Fi devices are around.

The introduction of this technology has the potential to make huge improvements to our capabilities- in terms of business, communication, information access and storage, and much more.  It will be exciting to see where this new technology takes society as time goes on.